AFRICA TRAVEL PORTFOLIO [PTY) LTD is a privately-owned, boutique corporate travel management company offering premier full-service for the tourism industry.

The group’s diversity and entrepreneurial spirit lies in the strength of its owner-managed operations, travel agencies, and subsidiary companies. This expertise enables us to handle the needs of both the traveller and businesses within the industry ensuring that clients are given the very best in service delivery.

We save you time and money by taking the hassle out of planning your travel, finding industry deals, or managing the administration of your business in the hospitality sector.

ATP offers services that are tailored for an industry that requires bespoke solutions.

Our goal is to provide travel opportunities and industry solutions with true value as we endeavour to offer every client a bespoke solution to their individual needs. We promise to offer the greatest value and most reliable services by continually moulding our approach to the specific and developing reuuirements of our clients. More than just a service, we aim to become a partnership that enhances your experience.

ATP strives to be the best travel and tourism partner within the industry whilst establishing a legacy built on our core principles of community, conservation, and commercial safari partnerships. We cherish the need for building long-term, sustainable relationships within the tourism industry which will solidify the partnership between us and our clients as we provide them with the best that the African continent has to offer.

Our ATP team is a quirky mix of travellers and adventurers who love Africa and have experienced its magic enough times to make us itch to share it with you. From our travel consultants to our founder and CEO; all have a passion to make your African dreams come true.

ATP specializes in bespoke tours & safaris for the individual traveller, as well as small to large groups. From budget to premium class luxury, our tours & safaris are specifically designed to enhance your overall enjoyment while on holiday.

ATP currently provides packages to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Africa Travel Portfolio is represented on safaribookings.com 

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